When life gives you lemons.....6 healthy benefits from lemon water

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You make a nice, tall, cold glass (or bottle) of lemon water...duhh!

Restaurants serve it, sometimes without request. A lot of people love to drink it throughout the day. But how healthy is it really?

Despite the lack of factual evidence surrounding lemon water,

there are many benefits to drinking it.

Here are a few:

It promotes hydration!

Most people love water and understand that it essential to our well-being, however, others do not like the taste of it. Therefore, adding lemon to the water makes it so much more easy to consume. (Soda companies understand this... *wink wink* )

Contains antioxidants

Lemons as well as other citrus fruits contain the essential vitamin c which is necessary to promote a healthy immune system.

It can have breath freshening properties

Lemon itself has a powerful odor that spreads throughout the room. Adding lemon to your water could also freshen your breath momentarily. Who doesn't like citrus breath?... (Is that even a thing?)

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Ok.... back to the topic at hand.

Makes your skin more radiant

According to Skincarebyalana:

Vitamin C boosts your skin's collagen production to give you firmer, more plump skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C help fight free radicals and damage caused by UV radiation. The result is anti-aging action for younger-looking skin!

It keeps you full!

As mentioned before, adding flavor to your water makes you want to drink more and more thus..filling your stomach up and leaving less room for you to over indulge in the wonderful food. (Weight loss tip....)

Acts as a diuretic

Drinking lemon water in the morning before you go on with your day will help prime your digestive system, ridding your body of last nights dinner and preparing it for today's breakfast and so forth. (Water in general makes you pee and poop..adding lemon to it makes it easier for your body's digestive system functioning properly-should you have no other ailments.)

That's all for now. Please remember to drink lots of water, lemon water or not, water alone is essential for a healthy life.

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6 healthy benefits from lemon water
When life gives you lemons....

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