Weight loss goals and consistency: 5 Tips to stay consistent

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Stay committed to your decision, but stay flexible in your approach. - Tony Robbins

Consistency will always beat a day of over exertion by a long shot. The ONLY way to see constant results is to stay consistent in everything that you do (lets hope we're talking positive).

A lot of people believe that consistency is the only way to become successful.. they're right, but consistency can also be used to beat your fitness goals below I will list 5 tips that I use to stay consistent even on the "blah" days.

Tip #1 Control your thoughts

The moment you say "I don't feel like doing this today", your mind will tell your body "we're not doing this today." Instead say things like "I don't feel like doing this today BUT 20 minutes today is better than nothing"

Tip #2 Create a habit

Keep it SIMPLE and do what works for YOU. It take 21 to 40 days for one to form a habit. An exercise plan will make staying consistent a lot easier. If you know what you are going to do today, there will be less room for excuses and other things to get in the way.

Tip #3 Monitor your consistency

Jot down little notes from your day to day activities. With working out, if you tend to only want to work out 10 minutes on a Monday because "Mondays suck", write it down that you will do 20 minutes and then some the next Monday. Using a fitness journal or a workout log book helps a lot.

Tip #4 Always have a plan B

If working out today just isn't working out, at least go for a 10 minute walk or walk in place (you'll look cray but...its your life, not theirs). Taking a little extra time planning out a plan B for those unpredictable moments in life will keep you on track.

Tip #5 Remember, a little bit TODAY is better than a maybe TOMORROW

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5 Tips to stay consistent
Weight loss goals and consistency

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