Starting a fitness Journey is as easy as 3, 2, 1 GO! : 7 tips for starting your fitness journey

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Hey! I know that getting started is difficult and might just be hardest part about beginning a fitness journey..or any journey..worth mentioning. A lot of people say "I need a personal trainer!" which although could be very beneficial, a trainer can only half-way help you get started, it is you that has to want to make the change.

If you are "the hungry one" and you want to make that change, but are having trouble getting started, continue reading to learn a few tips and tricks that will not only get you begin but also keep you moving in the direction of your goals.

Step one: Commit yourself to setting your own goals

If you are not 100% committed to the process, you will not succeed. You may lose a little , you may even lose a lot, but your commitment to the process will help you maintain the weight loss and or muscle gain. Everyone has "bad days" but only those who are committed 100% will succeed.

Step two: Make a plan

Some people prefer a notebook with future workouts written down in it, some choose to make vision boards, some chose to start by counting Macros. The trick is to do whatever works for you. Switch it up if you are unsure what to start or end with. Let one month be one thing and another month be another. BUT, once you figure out which works best, continue to use that method.

Step three: Don't over do it!

Doing too much at the begging of a fitness journey can either make or break you. Going to a gym at the wrong time can be a turn off. Doing too many exercise movements that are overly difficult can hurt your growth, mentally causing you to become uninterested and or fail. Start small, do a few squats and jumping jack one day, then push-ups and sit-ups another day. Modify your workouts so that if they are too hard, you reduce the work slightly until you build up stamina. I recommend some for of exercise for 3-4 out of 7 days for approx 30 minutes.

Step four: A little today is better than nothing

There will be days that you just don't feel like working out or the day just becomes busy, however, it is your duty to make yourself workout. 10 minutes today is better than 0 minutes. You know you need to work, get it done by any means. Your body will thank you later. I've found that going to the gym or just working out at home on days that you don't feel like working out sometimes produces the BEST workouts ever and that will bring you closer to your goals than anything. Fight the fatigue and keep moving. Tell yourself that you can and will get this done.

Step five: Do SOMETHING

The gym does not have to be the only place you get a workout it. Your home, the park, the airport, wherever you are, you can do a little something something. Yes, I believe that weights are important, however, I also believe that you need to be well rounded and balanced. A weights combined with body-weight exercises are the best way to go.

Step six: Be mindful of your thoughts and actions throughout the day

Your thoughts become reality. If that statement is true, then only positive thoughts will get you to your goal. If that statement is false, then only actions will get you to your goal. Fill your head with positive thoughts "I will get this done regardless of how i feel". Your actions should mirror your positive thoughts. Eat the right foods, complete the exercises and continue. This is your body and YOUR body will thank you later.

Step seven: Record your progress

There are a majority of apps that you can use to track your fitness goals. (I recommend IF you prefer to go old school, just keep a journal of all your workouts, goals. "I did 5 sets of 10 repetitions on the bench today". "I weighed in at 200 lbs today, 5 less than last week" etc. If you are not seeing progress, change your method as stated above.

Fear of starting is real, but you are much more powerful than fear. Get the job done. Congratulate yourself along the way and thank yourself at the end. Your goals are for you and you alone.

PS. .. Cheat meals are a necessity. Do not fall into the trap of "eating healthy everyday" Sometimes you need to get dirty... to get clean. (I recommend a cheat MEAL once a week or every other week depending on your progress.)

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7 Tips for starting a fitness journey
Starting a fitness Journey is as easy as 1..2...🏋️‍♂️ 7 tips for starting your fitness journey

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