The ONLY way to lose weight! 7 Tips to help you get summer ready

Updated: Mar 2

Ok.. so. I am sure almost everyone on this earth grew up chubby (No?) or is currently chubby or "Big boned" (Not you either? ) Shoot. Wrong post. Kidding... keep reading.

Summer is almost here and a vast majority of people are looking for next greatest "fad" diet that will give them the body of their dreams so that they can walk around on someone's beach in absolutely nothing and feel great about themselves. No, Im not a nudist.. but if I were a nudist, I would want to look like a Greek god.... you know how the statues looked back in history class textbooks. But I digress.

The issue with fad diets is that most people on do them temporarily and unfortunately, a diet only works if you do. Too many people are starting "diets" that they wouldn't continue to keep in their lifestyle. The issue with THAT is that by not continuing certain diets, you could possibly relapse and gain everything that you lost back! I once heard that if you aren't willing to cut out a certain food or drink for the rest of your life, don't cut it out for a diet. Temporarily reduce the amount you consume.

Below I will list ( in no specific order) a few tips that will assist you in changing your lifestyle and will also allow you to lose weight and keep it off!

1) Track your meals

The one thing I do when I start working with a new client is having them track their meals. You wont know what to cut back on or add if you have no idea what the number look like associated with the foods or beverages you've been eating.

2) Eat plenty of protein

Protein is the building block to muscle building. Muscle burns fat... so.... you get the point right? Choose your protein wisely, however. Try to get real food instead of protein shakes unless you just need the extra protein or don't have time to make a real meal. ( Ever thought about meal prepping?)

It is recommended to eat .73 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. For example: a 200lb person would need about 146 to 200g of protein

Ideal foods would be: meats, eggs, dairy, fish, beans.

Also, try to choose lean proteins, chicken breast instead of thighs..etc. Unless the numbers fit into your allotted caloric needs or macros.

3) Prioritize Strength training over cardio

Strength training builds muscles which also burns fat in the long run. Shoot for 2 to 3 days of strength training with an emphasis on compound movements (Squats, bench press..etc). I prefer 3 days of strength training and 2 to 3 dedicated cardio days. OR do 15 minutes of cardio after your strength training

4) Increase Non exercise activities

Count your steps .. shoot for 10k or more a day. Park further. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Simple changes like this goes a long way. Lifestyle changes...

5) Reduce stress and get more sleep

More sleep can also help with reducing stress would could impact weight loss! Shoot for 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day. Its a shame that more people don't prioritize their sleep like they would other aspects of their lives.

6) Stay in a calorie deficit

Simply put, burn more calories than you consume. Which brings me back to number 1. Track your meals! Shoot for 10 to 20% of your maintenance calories for the day.

Maintenance calories are the amount of calories needed per person to maintain a specific weight.

If you aren't trying to maintain the weight you are at right now.... make a change.... Simple, right?

7) Stay Consistent

This is the most important one for me. Don't even tell me you have issues with being consistent. If you've been consistently able to gain weight for the past few years.. your don't have a consistency issue, you have a priority issue. Make weight loss your priority and I guarantee the consistency will follow.

Bottom line

The best thing for you to do is to stick to whatever works. This may mean that you have to try a few things. I suggest giving whatever you try at least 3 weeks before moving on to something else.

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