Stressed? Try these 4 easy tips!

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Stress... Everyone goes through it. Everyone has those day's where they just don't want to do ANYTHING!! Everyone has those days where they feel that sleep is the only way to recharge. I beg to differ!

I believe that everything we are going through in life can be overcame or replaced with something more...fulfilling. Exercise is a great alternative. With many physical benefits, exercise also has an abundance of stress relieving properties. The awesome thing about this is that, ANY form of exercise can be used to reduce stress. When performed, hether it be aerobic or strength training, each one produces a chemical release of feel-good endorphins throughout the body which tells your brain "Stress no more... Stress no moreee " and almost instantly reduces stress.

Try these 3 simple, yet effective exercises to substantially reduce stress and move on with your amazing life!

1. Walking- Whether it be at work or at home, walk! If at work, try walking for about 3 minutes every hour. Enough to keep you and the boss happy. Heck.. have him/her walk with you!

2. Dance!- Dance with your children, spouse, friends. Just.. dance! 10 to 30 minutes will make you feel amazing!

3. Gardening- Some call it a hobby, but 30 minutes of gardening will give you the stress relieving boost of energy you need to carry on!

4. Smile!-forcing yourself to smile can change your mood drastically. Try it now! You may look like a weirdo but hey...they need to smile too!

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